Getting Into Shape - The Wedding Workout Plan

If you want to look gorgeous in your dress, starting your wedding workout plan should be a top priority in your to-do list. The earlier you start, the better off you'll be, but sometimes its hard for us to know how and where to begin, and what pitfalls we should avoid so that we can obtain maximum results for our time and efforts.

I'd like to share with you a common sense approach to fitness, that will help you to get into the best shape of your life. Whether you've been working-out for a long time or are a beginner, these smart tips are proven to work and, they will help you to get on track and stay in charge of your wedding workout plan. So let's begin.

Recruit a buddy.
By far, the biggest challenge that anyone faces in life, is the lack off enduring motivation. One of the best ways of overcoming this issue, is to ask a friend to join you in going to the gym. Wedding Workout Plan - Recruit a Buddy You could both take a yoga or dance class and encourage each other to meet your fitness goals; the incentive of having company will alleviate much of the boredom that comes from exercising solo and you'll both be more focused and determined to accomplish your goals. Now if having a gym membership is not for you, you could always go for an hour-long hike with your fiance; you could buy a Yoga DVD or other workout DVDS; go bicycling or go for a walk on the park with a friend. You'll be spending time with someone whose company you enjoy, while sticking with your wedding workout plan. The goal is to increase your physical activity and have fun while doing it, this is a win win situation for everyone.

Put it in your calendar.
You've heard it before, but its worth saying again, in order to fit your workouts during the week, you'll need to schedule regular gym sessions the same way you would schedule a meeting or lunch with a friend. By treating it as an important appointment and getting another person involved, you'll be less likely to cancel and fail with your wedding workout plan. One of the reasons, if not the reason why we fail to achieve our goals in life, is that we make excuses for ourselves and put-off what needs to be done now for later. If you really want to have a svelte physique when your wedding day arrives, you'll need to cut back on the slack, so get a friend, mark your calendar with specific workout days and stick to them!

Drink plenty of water.
Water really does the body good, it helps to flush the toxins out of our bodies and gives us clear smooth skin. Drink Plenty of Water Try to drink at least eight, 8 oz. (64 total ounces) of water on a daily basis as a minimum. This will help to burn off the fat by increasing the rate of your metabolism, it will counteract any bloating and it will help fight the candy-bar cravings you get by keeping you feeling full. Many supermodels drink at least 10 glasses of water a day for this reason, if it works them, it can definitely help you.

Energize at snack time.
Have you ever felt a little tired right before beginning your working out? I know I have. So on the days you hit the gym, try to eat a healthy combo of protein and carbohydrates like a banana before you begin to exercise. This will help tremendously in giving and sustaining your energy levels throughout the duration of your workouts. If you don't like bananas no problem, there is definitely something for everyone, you can checkout my list below, for other healthy treats that might interest you.

Some other guilt-free snacks to try that are each under 100 calories or less in these proportions are:
4 Hershey's kisses
2 bread sticks
10 regular potato chips or 20 soy chips
33 grapes
3 graham-cracker squares
2 oz. low fat cheese
3 cups air-popped popcorn
1 small cappuccino made with fat free milk
1 Jell-O fat-free pudding snack
1 medium apple
2 clementines
12 reduced-fat Wheat Thins
15 mini pretzels
24 baby carrots
10 dried apricots halves
9 animal crackers
25 pistachio nuts

Getting into shape is not about starving or depriving yourself, its about eating sensibly and remaining focused with your wedding workout plan, so go ahead, treat yourself to a snack and then exercise!

Vary your workouts.
Like anything else in life, a workout routine can become boring over time or worse yet, you can reach a plateau and not see visible improvements with your body. If you want to continue to see results, you should add more strengthening moves, complete an extra set of biceps curls, change the DVD you're exercising with or hike a new trail. The key to sustained physical change and improvement with your body lies in your keeping your routines fun, varied and challenging. I once read that Jack La Lanne always encouraged his clients to change their workouts on a monthly basis, to avoid hitting a plateau. This is definitely note worthy advice, that will ensure you much success with your wedding workout plan.

Look out for diet traps.
If your goal is to loose weight, you need to be aware that there are significant amounts of hidden calories in places that you'd least expect them to be in, that could sabotage the efforts of your wedding workout plan. The hidden dangers lie in vitamin-fortified waters, condiments and some "diet" snacks.

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Your best bet is to read the labels and consume sparkling water, green tea (natural fat burner), natural sweeteners (honey or stevia available at health food stores), low calorie spreads like mustard and salsa, and mainly eat fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, legumes (beans, peas, lentils), non-hydrogenated butters and oils (peanut butter, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil), nuts, and whole grain foods (pasta, brown rice, bread) instead; do your best to stay away from pastries, refined sugars (causes weight gain and can lead to diabetes), high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated butters and oils (these cooked/heated butters and oils are now carcinogens, cancer causing agents, if you must cook or bake with oil, use extra virgin coconut oil, this oil remains stable and safe during high temperatures), aspartame, white bread, white rice, carbonated beverages (soda) and fried foods.

Always ask for a doggie bag.
A lot of restaurants tend to serve huge portions of food, more than you'll be able to eat in one sitting. So the next time you dine out, don't scarf down the entire entree, instead, save some for later, to enjoy for lunch the next day. Overeating no matter how healthy your meal is, will eventually lead to weight gain and it will ruin your wedding workout plan efforts; your goal should be to eat only until you're comfortably satisfied and then put your fork down.

Keep a healthy balance.
A lot of people think that they have to workout for an hour or two everyday to slim down or maintain their ideal weight and that simply isn't true. Eating a balanced diet has a 90% impact on whether you'll reach your goal or not, the other 10% comes from the exercises you do. So the important thing for you to remember is to stay focused and balanced with your diet and wedding workout plan at all times. Although cardio helps us to burn fat and its healthy for the heart, its the strength training (weight lifting) that will build muscle and that will help you to burn fat even while you sleep, quit literally! Weight bearing workouts provide the advantage that, you'll always burn fat even during rest periods unlike cardio. So try to alternate between cardio and weight training for best results and exercise at least three days a week.

So there you have it, a concrete wedding workout plan that anyone can do and that most importantly, is healthy for you. Now all you need to do is find an activity that interests you and CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE UNDERTAKING ANY DIET OR WORKOUT PROGRAM. If you follow my advice, I know you'll look beautiful on your wedding day pictures! Promise.

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