How to Have Fun Setting Up Your Wedding Registry Gift List

Weddings bring the anticipation of receiving great gifts and a wedding registry does make the gift buying experience easier on your family and fiends. You and your fiance will have a great time wandering around your favorite stores, selecting items you'll want your loved ones to buy for your new home. Unfortunately, like all things, it can have its drawbacks. When you think about the length of time that these items will be with you, you can end-up feeling confused and overwhelmed to say the least concerning your selections. So make sure to focus on the things you really need, and what the differences are between any given products.

Wedding Gift Registry Before you register for your wedding registry, it would be helpful for you and your fiance to take stock of what you already own. If you don't live together yet, you could have a lot doubles. You 'll both need to sit down together to see what you have, decide on what's staying, what new products you'll need, and what needs an upgrade. This composed list will give you a clear picture of what items you'll need to include in your wedding registry.

Now the fun begins with you and your fiance making a preliminary sweep to the stores you've targeted. A good rule of thumb is to register at three places. You can begin with a large general department store that has just about everything - some good places to consider would be Macy's, Target, Kmart, J.C. Penney and Sears - and several nationwide locations to give guests the option of going to the store rather than shopping online. Following that, consider a store that has some cool stuff for decorating your home so you can get some unique pieces that reflect your and your fiance's personalities, some suggestions would be Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma and Linens and Things. Another idea would be for you to look into a specialty store that caters to a hobby or a passion you two share.

During your wedding registry selection, you have a chance to eyeball some options and iron out some differences such as gold or platinum- rimmed china, floral sheets or solids etc. The goal is for you and your fiance to find a common ground you can both happily agree to. I highly recommend that you avoid selecting items that he/she absolutely dislikes from the start, because it will not be a pleasant situation to have them grumbling about how they hate it years later! Try to start of on the right foot from the beginning and you'll be fine. Once you've both agreed on many items, it's time to sign up for them online or make appointments, spacing them a few days apart (registering is fun, but not if you do it all at once). As you and your fiance finish at each store, request for a printout of your completed registry and look it over at home, in case you might have forgotten to include something or he decided to sneak in a home-theater package without discussing it with you first.

Your wedding registry is a great way for you and him to have fun as you both plan and dream about creating the kind of home that speaks to the two of you. So make sure to choose gifts that you'll both enjoy and that will create the much desired home sweet home effect you seek.

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