Choosing Between Digital and Film For Your Wedding Photography

All brides look forward to having beautiful wedding photography that will capture those special moments during the ceremony and reception. However, since we're now living in the digital age, it can be a little tricky to decide on whether you should have your photographer take digital photos or capture your wedding in film. So how do you choose between the two options? Here, we will discuss the differences, advantages and shortcomings of digital and film photography, that will help you make a better informed decision about what the best option is for you.

Digital If you're interested in seeing your photos before the cocktail hour begins, then going for digital might be just the thing for you to do. This is one of the biggest benefits of going digital, it will allow your photographer to do things like create a slide show of your ceremony pictures to show during your reception, or give you access to proofs in a relatively short period of time.

Digital photos are also easily manipulated, so your photographer can change a color photo to black and white. Years ago, digital cameras couldn't capture the same image quality as film (prints were more prone to fading and there was a long delay in being able to take a shot), but times have changed and so has technology, today's high-end professional camera offer quality that's almost on par with traditional film cameras. So if you'd like to have a slide show of your ceremony photos during the reception and do not want wait too long for proofs, then digital wedding photography may be right for you.

Film On the other we still have the "old school method" of film, that is still very popular today, in large part because film captures truer colors than digital can. Although you'll have to wait a little longer for your proofs than you would with digital, but if you long to have vibrant and truer colors, it may be well worth your time after all. Film is really great, if you're interested in having large portraits of some of your favorite wedding photography displayed in your new home. Whether the photos are small or as large as posters, film has the advantage of looking good no matter what the size unlike digital. Digital photography when enlarged to much, can distort the image.

Wedding photography is important as you want to capture these heart warming memories in the best and most appropriate of technologies, so that you can enjoy and look at them for many years to come. Choosing the best method is really about identifying your own personal taste, style and needs. Ask your photographer questions and do address your concerns with them, from there you can determine which is the right decision for you to make.

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