Wedding HairStyles That Will Look Great On You

Looking for wedding hairstyles based on the shape of your face isn't always easy. The shape of your face does have an effect on the kind of hairstyle that would best frame your face. So, how should you wear your hair? Up, down, or in between? Here we will discuss some options that will serve as guidelines and help you find what would work best on you.

A lot brides love updo wedding hairstyles, it can give your features an instant lift. Your cheekbones will look higher, the neck will appear to be longer and your eyes will look more open and alive. Updos are classical and a classic never dies!

The best candidates for an updo are oval faces, they tend to look great with their hair completely off of their face. However if your face is round, you too can pull off this classic look, as long as you add some height at the crown of your head, a small bump would look nice.

Accessorizing an updo is a cinch. A tiara or headband tucked into the base of your updo at the crown would look lovely. Or why not use some decorative crystal hair pins scattered throughout your hair, this will add sparkle and interest, while holding any stray hairs in place.

Now if you're feeling uncertain about having all of your hair up, then you may want to have a half updo. If you don't want to call attention to a jawline that's less than well defined, this will work wonderfully for you. It will give you the illusion and glamour of putting your hair up with the softer, face-framing flattery of long hair.

There are many brides who just want to keep their hair simple on their wedding day by wearing it completely down. Heart and square shape faces would look great with short to medium length hair, adorned with a tiara, decorative jeweled pins or a Wedding Hairstylesheadband are all beautiful wedding hairstyles for you to chose from. Simple and chic, it doesn't get any better than this.

Once you have determined the best wedding hairstyle, be it up, down or half updos, start browsing through magazines for ideas that would look great with your chosen wedding gown, bridal headpiece, veil and jewelry. Your goal is to find a look that will look beautiful and will all "fit together" like a completed jigsaw puzzle. You can also take some magazines to your hairdresser and ask them to try several styles on you to find the look that works and looks best on you. The bottom line is practice always perfect, and scouting for the right hairstyle is no exception to this golden rule!

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