Saving Money And Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Flower Budget

Savvy brides know the importance of having a wedding flower budget but, unfortunately, most do not understand how they can maximize their buying power while saving money too. Your wedding, can truly look like a million dollars without having to spend a small fortune, but most importantly, you want to ensure that it does not end-up looking cheap and cheesy. There is a very fine line to this and it is almost like a fine art, so if you're looking for ways on how to stretch your wedding flower budget and still have a beautiful wedding, follow these nine helpful tips:

1. Purchase flowers that are in season. Like food, when flowers are growing locally, you'll definitely benefit with lower prices and will have more abundant and fresher floral arrangements available to you. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you stick with flowers that are blooming in your locale at the time of your wedding, in so doing, you will avoid the additional costs of having your florist ship them in from another hemisphere. Not to mention that, sometimes these shipments aren't able to come in as expected or on time and this could drastically alter what you previously had in mind. So play it safe, buy flowers that are in season and avoid the possibility of having your florist call you the night before the wedding, to cancel the floral arrangements or to make substitutions that will not be to your liking.

2. Consider giving your florist a little artistic and financial freedom. Ask your florist to pick the best flower market bargains within your wedding color scheme and other set forth parameters. By authorizing a market buy, you'll definitely get grander ceremony and reception arrangements at a great price, helping you to accomplish two things, buying more flowers and remaining within your wedding flower budget.

3. Sometime simple is in fact better. Although exotic orchids are lovely, but regular carnations or other ordinary flowers can be made extraordinary if they are skillfully arranged and combined with other flowers. I've seen arrangements consisting of mainly white carnations and a few strategically placed red roses look stunning, this is a beautiful floral combination that is very elegant and a definite wedding worthy floral arrangement indeed!

4. Try adding some interesting greenery and berries to your floral arrangement (bear grass, rosemary and pepperberries), small fruits (lady apples, kumquats and grapes) or even fun objects like beads, feathers and crystal sticks to your bouquet and centerpieces. You will get unique looking flowers and may even save money along the way.

5. Re-use your flowers, Since you will most likely be having bridesmaids at your wedding, consider using their bouquets as reception centerpieces and the larger arrangements from the ceremony could be used to flank the dance floor or to adorn the buffet table. This is a great idea, as it will cut costs dramatically and keep you well within your wedding flower budget, just make sure that you have the necessary time and helping hands to move these arrangements into the reception room before your guests arrive! But if you're having a church wedding, do obtain permission from your minister or rabbi that you can re-use your flowers, as they may want you to donate them to the congregation.

6. Choose hardier blooms, such as sunflowers and calla lilies for your arrangements. No matter how careful you are with flowers, they are very delicate and can easily be damaged in transit or when being handled. So avoid delicate blooms like sweet-pea and gardenia, like this your florist won't need to order extras as replacements. Darker colored flowers are also a great option as they naturally camouflage imperfections unlike white ones which means, you can buy even less, saving you more money and helping you to remain within your set forth wedding flower budget.

7. Large flowers fill the space faster than smaller ones do. Instead of using small clusters of flowers, opt for the ones that are big and dramatic such as peonies, hydrangeas and sunflowers, and your florist may need to buy only a few for each bridesmaid to carry down the aisle.

8. Expand your wedding reception centerpieces instantly with unscented candles. The beautiful glow of candles can be added strategically around the base of your floral arrangements, thereby giving the illusion of it being a larger piece than it really is. The candles will also serve as "spotlights" for these arrangements showing off their beauty even more. You'll have a larger presence without the expense of a bigger bill! To complete this look, you could also add a piece of clothe that matches your wedding color scheme underneath the centerpiece and finish it off with scattered flower petals, confetti or glass bubbles, this look would be stunning and well withing your wedding flower budget!

9. Silk flowers to the rescue. Perhaps you have your heart set on having a certain flower but can't afford to do so because of the expense involved. There are always alternatives and silk flowers are definitely one of them. These fabric flowers come in all sorts of colors and styles, they are great as centerpieces and work wonderfully as bridal and bridesmaid bouquets too. They are elegant and definitely rival the beauty of traditional blooms. Combine them with candles and you will also have phenomenal wedding centerpieces!

Planning and remaining within your wedding flower budget doesn't have to be difficult at all, what it requires you to do is to be a little ingenious and creative along the way, in so doing, you will not only save money on your wedding florals, but you will also be amazed at how beautiful and unique your wedding arrangements will be, while having a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment too!

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