Unique Wedding Entertainment

The wedding entertainment for the reception is a very important element as it can literally either make or break your party! While traditional methods of entertainment still exist, such as a band or deejay, you'd be surprised to know about the other professionals and activities that you could have that will enhance your overall wedding reception.

Some say that this trend originated because of the weakened economy, but whether it did or didn't isn't the point, what counts is that its a great opportunity for you to do something different and fun! We'll look at seven options, including the most traditional ones.

1. Comedians
Do you love to laugh? If you're seeking to stay entertained between dancing and eating, then why not hire a comedian as part of your wedding entertainment? A Comedian will add humor to your reception and plenty of laughs to an already joyous occasion, however, please be advised that caution should be taken to ensure that no one will be offended, such as your grandma or anyone else who may not appreciate being made to feel uncomfortable. There are many talented individuals out there, you just need to talk to them and express your concerns before hiring anyone. If you take this approach you will find a great comedian that everyone will enjoy!

Marilyn Monroe Wedding Entertainment Impersonator 2. Impersonators
Have you ever dreamed about what it would have been like to meet Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or some other famous celebrity? You could actually come very close to knowing what it would have been like if you hire an impersonator. These skilled professionals are available for the wedding entertainment industry and really make a reception come to life! If you were to hire an Elvis impersonator you'd have plenty of unique choices to choose from, like the Elvis of the movie years; the young "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis; the black leather come-back Elvis years; to the Las Vegas Elvis. If you're interested in having an impersonator just go through your yellow pages and search under the words "Entertainer" or Entertainment Agencies." There are a lot impersonators, so you'll definitely be able to find one of your choosing.

3. Karaoke
Do any of your guests enjoy to sing? You could have your guests serenade you and your beloved with popular love and wedding songs. If you're hiring a disk jockey, you can ask them to bring the necessary equipment to sing karaoke. This fun activity will bring performances that will be talked about and remembered for many years to come!

4. Professional Belly Dancers
If you're looking for a mesmerizing and artistic performance, look no further than to the art of belly dancing! These fine performers are a wonderful addition to your wedding entertainment program. I've seen plenty of weddings to know that guests love this entertainment like no other and you will too. These dancers not only dance but they also make use of props like swords (they aren't sharp), finger cymbals, canes and even balance a tray of lit candles on their heads! Now how's that for unique entertainment?

5. Slide Shows
If you're wanting to share your love story with your friends and family, you could arrange a slide show prior to your big day. Start by gathering as many pictures as you can find, including pictures from your dates together, vacations, birthdays and celebrations, as well as photos of your family and mutual friends. You can then create the wedding entertainment slide show on your laptop using a software program such as iPhoto or PowerPoint; to add interest to the show be sure to include music, funny captions and story narratives to your photos. Although it can be a little time consuming to make, the finished results will be well worth your effort!

6. Disk Jockeys
If you love to hear original recordings and are on a limited budget, you can always hire a top-notch disk jockey for much less than a band. These entertainers are also great if you're interested in having a variety of music from different genres, be it hip hop, country, jazz etc., but if he doesn't have a particular CD, you can always lend him yours. Although, traditional this is still a lot of fun. Who doesn't enjoy a good tune or who can resist the urge to dance when a good song comes along? Nobody can!

7. Bands
Do you want to have great music and a live performance, all rolled into one package? Bands are the best part of both worlds and you will be amazed at the fun interaction and unique spins that these professional put into their performances. The excitement that you and your guests will have, will result in a unique experience making these entertainers a fine choice for your wedding entertainment, and did I mention that even those guests who don't like to dance will at the very least enjoy watching the performance? Everyone will have a fantastic time with these entertainers!

Band Performance for Reception

Your reception is the crowning of your day, make it a huge sensation by hiring a wedding entertainer. You can choose to use a disk jockey as a stand alone or couple it with a belly dancer or comedian. What mostly counts is that you make the reception a fun and loving experience for all who attend, doing so, will automatically ensure that everyone has a great time!

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