DIY Wedding Day Makeup & Ideas

Many brides shy away from the thought of applying their own wedding day makeup because they think, that they would do better in hiring a professional makeup artist. However, for those brides that are planning a budget wedding, the extra expense is simply not an option for them. I'm here to tell you, that you can look beautiful and can create your very own unforgettable wedding day makeup look yourself.

Follow the suggested tips and ideas below and then practice creating different wedding day makeup styles at home until you find the look that is right for you. I also recommend you take some pictures of the "finished look" with your gown on and write down the names and colors of the products you used. This will give you a crystal clear picture of how you'll look and a method of how to recreate it, you could then, show the pictures to your mom, your sister and bridesmaids and get their thoughts and ideas on your appearance. Ready to get started? Great!

Start with a primer or a good light moisturizer. If you apply foundation directly onto your bare skin, it will settle into any fine lines and it will look splotchy before the day is over. So, what you want to do is, apply your moisturizer evenly on your face, then follow with foundation and be sure to blend.

Conceal any imperfections. Apply a good concealer to camouflage any dark circles and blemishes. Ideally, your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation color to help it mask the dark circles around the eyes.

Find the right shade. When purchasing your foundation, your aim should be to select a color that matches the skin between your cheekbone and jaw - when testing them, look for a shade that seems to disappear into your skin. Apply a small amount of foundation to your entire face, then BLEND, BLEND. I can't stress the need for this enough, you do not want to look as if you have a mask on your face! You shouldn't look as if you have any foundation on, this when you have blended it well and it's an important step for your wedding day makeup.

Focus on one feature. Don't do dramatic eyes and couple it with bold lips. This is overkill. The idea is for you to highlight your best feature and go for the drama there.

Give your lip color some staying power. To do this, start by filling in your lips with a lip pencil in the same hue as your lipstick, then apply your lipstick, blot with tissue, and reapply again. The layered effect will help to keep your lipstick in place for hours.

Smear-proof your eye makeup. No wedding day makeup should ever be without waterproof mascara. Its an emotional day that could bring tears of happiness and joy, so be prepared. Long lasting formula, eye shadows and eyeliners will last for hours. I highly recommend using long lasting formulas because you want to make sure that the makeup will not crease or smudge, so be in the lookout for this.

Be a blushing bride. To enhance your bridal glow, select a rosy or bronzy hue for the apples of your cheeks. If you're having trouble in selecting a good color for your skin tone, a peach blush looks lovely on most individuals. I sometimes like to dust a little bit on top of my concealer when I need a little more help in hiding any dark circles. This is a great trick that many professionals use, in the industry.

Wear long lasting formulas. Shimmer lipsticks and glosses tend to last longer than matte products. Choose a shade that gives you subtle shimmer for the most flattering look.

Wedding Day Makeup - Lipstick

Exfoliate. You can help to minimize those fine lines and even out your skin tone by getting a professional microdermabrasion treatment. If this isn't possible, buy a facial scrub from a drugstore, follow the directions on the package and finish it off with a moisturizer. Now if you would prefer something more natural than drugstore brands, Mychelle offers a great selection of skin care products for all skin types that really helps to make a difference in the overall quality and appearance of your skin.

Make your eyes pop. You can use a sky blue or white eyeliner to line the inner rim of your lower eyelid. This will help to even out any redness and will make the whites of your eyes look whiter and brighter. I personally enjoy using a white liner for this purpose.

Conceal a blemish. Ugh, sometime these blemishes will appear at the last minute and out of no where! You can reduce the swelling by holding an ice cube on the affected area. To minimize the redness, try dabbing the area with eye drops. If you don't have eye drops, try this instead. Take some warm water and add a little salt, make it a little salty. Now take a tissue, dampen it with this solution and place it over the blemish, keep it there for at least 5 minutes. You will see an improvement, the bump will be less noticeable. This is a trick I learned from a model and I've never forgotten it since!

Refuse to shine. Be sure to carry a package of facial blotting tissue in your wedding day makeup kit, to absorb oil throughout the day, then reapply you face powder.

Blend please. It is normal for the skin on your decolletage to be a shade or two lighter than your face, so even out the color by dusting bronzing powder over your neck and chest. I strongly suggest that when you do this, please do not be wearing your bridal gown! Apply the bronzer first, dust it with a little translucent powder to set it and then, carefully, put on your dress. Nothing looks worse than to see stains on a white dress.

Say cheese! If you're thinking about taking black-and-white-photos, be sure to wear a lipstick or gloss in a flattering pink or neutral color. Dark hues could look black on your photos.

Keep your eyebrows in check. It is no secret that the well groomed eyebrows can add interest and beauty to our faces. Have them professionally shaped and when applying your wedding day makeup swipe them with eyebrow mascara for a flawless finish.

Above everything though, make it a plan to accentuate you looks, while still looking like YOU. This day is not a time for you to have a drastic makeover. Your goal is to look beautiful and be recognizable to your fiance, family and friends. You can use drugstore or department store brands in creating your wedding day makeup look, just experiment with different colors until you achieve the look that is right for you. With the tips that I've given you, I know you can do it. You will look wonderful on that special day!

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