The Wedding Ceremony

For many years, the wedding ceremony looked as if it had been stamped from the same cookie cutter. Whether it was out of respect for a religious tradition or because of one's future mother-in-law, wedding ceremonies were always held in a house of worship, with a long straight aisle that ended at an altar; with the wedding march of, "Here Comes the Bride" as the processional; with the traditional scriptural readings that always ended with the very familiar and usual exchange of vows.

However, times have changed. Nowadays, with many brides and grooms belonging to different religious organizations, many ceremonies do not take place in a church or house of worship. The fact that more and more of the clergy are willing to officiate at beaches, vineyards, ballrooms etc. makes it very liberating to say the least, and brides and grooms can choose locations that not only hold special and spiritual meanings for them, but that they can freely decorate it in whatever style the choose.

So what is the right ceremony for you? The ceremony is the most significant part of the whole day and it should be held in an environment that is special and meaningful to you. This is the moment that makes it official and transforms you and your groom into a married couple. You'll want to give a lot of thought to where and how the vow exchange will be made and who will officiate. Every bride has a vision of what she wants her ceremony to be like and how she will make her grand appearance.

Wedding Ceremony

Whether, you have a horse-drawn carriage bring you to a cathedral or decide on a casual beach wedding at the Bahamas, your wedding is what you make it to be. There is no right or wrong way of having a wedding ceremony, what might be right for you, might not be right for someone else. There are countless of ways to celebrate a wedding, all being the correct and appropriate way for each individual. So to answer this question, the best advice I can give you is, follow your heart and your dreams, the answer to your question is already there.

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