Creative Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas For Your Reception

Wedding centerpieces with bright blooms, showstopping greens in stunning vases - what could be more beautiful and attention getting than this? Your guests will be spending a lot of time around the table focusing on the centerpieces while dining and toasting in your honor and to your future happiness.But what is the best approach when choosing your centerpieces, should you really select one design and the same color of flowers for all of your tables or is there a better approach to this?

Unfortunately, more often than not, one of the biggest mistakes that are made, is that the tabletop arrangements are so predictable - roses in a glass vase, duplicated without variation throughout the room. Without the use of variations in height, color, and materials when creating your centerpieces, it is no wonder that the eye cannot help but to glaze over; the look of the reception tables becomes monotonous and boring.

The good news though is, it doesn't have to be this way! Wedding centerpieces are meant to bring drama into a basic room and to give style to an otherwise ordinary table. For example, instead of mass producing two dozen centerpieces, why not personalize the look with two or three different designs, using flowers that are within your selected wedding color scheme (from light to darker shades) while also including arrangements of varying heights?

One-third of your arrangements could be low, one-third topiaries and the rest could be a combination of smaller pieces, artfully grouped together. Taking this approach will make your wedding decor appear to have been more thought out, it will also give a visual rhythm to your space, drawing the eye from one table on to the next creating an entertaining visual scene for your guests! It's also good to use, no more than one or two types and colors of flowers per arrangement. Too many colors and textures make everything feel restless, so have a sense of continuity throughout your wedding centerpieces, when diversifying them.

When selecting your wedding centerpieces you should also consider the height of the ceilings and the size of your tables. Generally speaking, low ceiling will look their best with shorter centerpieces so that the space will not look cramped, while high ceilings will need tall arrangements. But don't get too carried away with the height here, as a rule of thumb, your arrangement should never be taller than twelve or at most thirteen inches. The exception would be a topiary, which needs to be thin at the base so it doesn't block your guests from seeing each other. The florals of the topiary should start at about thirty inches above the table, otherwise, as beautiful as the arrangement may be, it may create a physical barrier that will inhibit conversation. You want to beautify your reception table, while keeping your guests comfort in mind. I am sure that the very last thing you want to see happen, is that your guests take the wedding centerpieces and place them on the floor. So make sure to keep the size reasonable and comfortable.

Wedding centerpieces now a days, not only encompass flowers, but florists can mix fruits, greenery, and non-floral elements like glass "bubbles", silver beads, pretty gift boxes and faux jewels. If you are using pearls wrapped around your bridal bouquet, you could bring this idea to match your wedding centerpieces by filling the vases to the top with faux pearls. What a beautiful and unique arrangement that would be!

For an added touch of romance, add some candles to your tables - votives and tapers - in candlesticks, candelabras and hanging lanterns. The ambiance will be glowing with soft gentle light, while making everyone look twenty years younger! Who doesn't want? Just be sure that your candles are weighted properly, kept away from drafts, air-conditioning vents and similar cooling sources, as you don't want naked flames to ignite your flower arrangements or for that matter, your guests. If you feel uncomfortable using candles, why not use flameless candles instead? These candles are not only safe, but they will provide the flickering candlelight effect that you're seeking to have, they are also available in pleasant fragrances too, making them a great alternative!

Wedding centerpieces in all honesty, can be just about anything that you can think of, you're only limited by your imagination or that of your florist. Take sometime to think about what your likes are, what inspires you and speak to your florist about integrating these thoughts and ideas into your wedding centerpieces. These are just some of the most popular ideas on wedding table arrangements that are always on trend, but it's your wedding, so be sure that whatever you choose is special, beautiful and meaningful to you.

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