The Best Kept Wedding Cake Secrets

Your wedding cake is the highlight of the reception that ties together all the design elements of your wedding. It's the perfect finale to a life-changing experience. Think of all of the times you've seen happy couples licking frosting off each other's fingertips, and you start to see that the cake is the ultimate icon of your celebration. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and the shot of you and your groom cutting that first slice of heaven says it all. When it comes to designing the cake for the reception, there are a few suggestions that come to mind.

I recommend you make it a point to think about the cake only after all the other design decisions have been made: the color, style, and pattern of your table linens; the wedding gown and veil, the flowers of the bridal bouquet - all of these these elements can be creatively blended into a luscious end note treat. Selecting a cake out of a look book is not the best approach for you to take, instead, work towards designing a cake, this will give you and the pastry chef a wonderful opportunity to combine your imaginations together to include the textures, materials, style and palette of your wedding, therefore making an absolutely, showstopping, delicious cake, that will also be a one of a kind!

Wedding Cake In the past, these cakes used to be very formal, and were almost always white with white decorations and frosting. However, times have changed, the best chef's are artists, architects and gourmet all at the same time. They have harnessed the skills to create sugared fantasies. They use traditional old standbys like buttercream and fondant, but they also drape with white chocolate. They can create "real-looking flowers" from sugar paste, and work with fresh blooms when crafting a cake design. They hand paint, they sculpt, they mold, they pearlize, they finish their cakes with a flawless silky smoothness. If you can dream it, they can create it!

So my bottom-line advice is, don't limit yourself by selecting a generic wedding cake design. You should share your plans and thoughts with the baker, make suggestions of what you have envisioned and ask them for their input as well, by combining your thoughts together, you will find and create the perfect sweet ending for the occasion!

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