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The wedding cake is the highlight of the celebration and the right wedding cake advice can help you to personalize it, display it correctly, save money and help you to prevent potentially embarrassing moments that could ruin the reception. Here's a little advice in the hopes that you will find that gorgeous confection and have a flawless wedding reception:

Delivery: Make arrangements for the cake to be delivered and installed at a specific time in a specific place. Be sure to confirm this twice: the date, the exact time, and the location and get this information in writing. Arrange to have someone contact you and confirm that it was indeed delivered exactly where you want it.

Moving: This is a wedding cake advice that you must always remember: try never to move a wedding cake yourself and do NOT move the table on which it is installed. You do not want to find yourself frantically running around town buying supermarket cakes in the hopes that you'll be able to build your own and make a successful switch. In the past I've seen situations where the baker has delivered the cake to the house and the wedding was to be held in the garden, just twenty steps away - trying to move the cake actually resulted in it tumbling down into pieces!

Height: Whether you're having a small or a large wedding reception, the wedding cake needs to have presence. To add height and drama to the cake, you can use a cake stand, or the bottom tier can be faux for added height. There are those websites that recommend the use of a single sheet cake as a means of saving money, however, it just won't do it in terms of presence or appropriateness. For large wedding parties with mutitiered, towering cakes, be sure that you're working with a baker who's skilled with complex designs and that has the proper equipment. A solid wedding cake advice is for you, to ask your baker to use a dowel system for structural integrity. There's a first time for everything, but don't make your reception the baker's first time stacking ten tiers on top of one another.

Wedding Cake with Flowers

Refrigeration: Always keep the wedding cake chilled as long as possible and never allow it to sit under the sun. It is always best to keep it in a controlled environment, cooler than seventy degrees. If you plan on having the cake outdoors, make sure the cake can sit under an umbrella or is shaded under a tree, if not gravity will take over sooner than you think, so a word to wise is, take this wedding cake advice seriously.

Flowers: Flowers made from icing can be very expensive, a good alternative would be to incorporate real flowers into your cake, between tiers, or as a garland. This wedding cake advice alone will save you a decent amount of money and will add a lot of beauty to the confection, that regardless of how skilled the baker is, no-one can even come close to imitating the splendor and beauty of a real flower, just be sure that no toxic florals ever come near the cake!

Personalization: As lovely as it may be to top a wedding cake with a bride and groom figurine, this cake topper is a generic design that is so common these days. Instead, the cake topper should draw from other design elements of your ceremony and reception. For example, you could inscribe the cake with your initials, the date, maybe a favorite line poetry, a beautiful silver bell, a single gorgeous flower, or anything else to make it memorable and unique - in other words, make the design of the cake topper truly your own. This is how you can personalize the cake and it is a well known wedding cake advice among professional wedding planners.

Tasting: As obvious as this may be, it is worth mentioning that just like you're busy worrying about how the cake looks, remember that how it tastes counts every bit as much. Unless you can afford to serve caviar, your wedding cake it probably the single most expensive food item at your celebration, so make sure that it's unbelievably delicious by having your baker provide you with a few choices to sample and to decide from. Another idea is that you can even do something for everyone by creating different flavors for each tier of cake. You can choose a cake based on the season, angel food cake is perfect for Spring and Summer weddings, brandied fruit and nut chocolate for Fall and Winter Weddings. Or you can have a cake that is the groom's all-time favorite. No matter what flavor you choose, be sure that you are dealing with a knowledgeable and reputable baker that is willing to go the extra mile to please their client - still insist on having a taste sample to make sure that the cake will be delicious.

Serving: When the cake is cut, you can serve it not just as a solitary slice, but as a composed dessert plate. You can have it garnished with fruit coulis, a scoop of sorbet, a chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, or even with a few berries and a scoop of ice cream. The idea is to make it as inviting as possible and unique. When it's time to cut the cake, this is a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to say a few words of thanks to friends and family.

Keepsake: A favorite tradition among brides and grooms is to take the first tier of the cake and freeze it for the first wedding anniversary. Just make sure you very clearly communicate to both the baker and the caterer that you intend to save that part of the cake, and designate someone specific to take custody of it. Worst comes to worst, or best come to best, take a snapshot of your cake so your baker can create a replica of the top tier when you celebrate you first anniversary. It will definitely be tastier than a year-old piece that has been defrosted.

I've provided some tips and ideas for you to consider when selecting and designing your cake. I hope that you find this wedding cake advice useful and helpful. I wish you much success in finding and creating the wedding cake of your dreams. It is the crowning and culmination of this milestone event in your life, make it yours, own it by personalizing it every step of the way.

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