Save-the-Date Wedding Cards and DIY Information

During the last few years, save-the-date cards and magnets have become an integral part of wedding planning. These cards ensure that guests reserve room in their schedules for the big event. So it is no wonder that they have become increasingly popular. These cards definitely come in handy if you're planning to marry on a holiday weekend, when people are more likely to make plans far in advance, or if there are out-of-towners on your guest list who need an early heads-up to book the best rates on flights and hotels.

Save-the-date cards are less formal than traditional invitations, you can definitely fit this as a Do-It-Yourself project if you don't want to hire a stationer. Simply purchase high-quality card stock and print your cards using a romantic font with your home computer. Adding a pretty picture of yourself and your groom-to-be, will give your cards a more professional look. For best results, please be sure to use a photo that is well taken, with the two of you in the middle of the picture and that it is not over or under exposed. An alternative to this, could be post cards.

As for what you should write on your cards? Some people like to just list the date, but if you're inviting a lot of out-of-towners, you may want to include more information: the scoop on local hotels, a list of cool activities that will keep your guests occupied during the downtime between celebrations, and if possible, a few details on any special events you may have in mind.

It is important for you to get these cards mailed several months in advance before the celebration- six months is good for standard weddings, but for destination weddings a year is best. Your guests will then have the option of saving their vacation time and money for your big event and can book flights and accommodations well in advance. If you're looking for something more unique than cards or post cards, you might be interested in using a magnet; a puzzle to challenge guests to put the pieces together to figure out your big day; a travel brochure featuring your information, as well as, local attractions; a calender with your special date circled in red or a bookmark with a custom-designed save-the-date on it. Ask your favorite stationer for information about getting these products and remember, to mail these out before your invitations, to ensure that all of your friends and family can reserve the date to attend your ceremony! Save the Date

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