Preserving The Cake To Keep It Fresh For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Preserving the cake correctly correctly to ensure its tasty 365 days after the wedding, is important to many brides and grooms. It is a well known tradition that the top layer of the wedding cake is to be frozen until the couple's first year anniversary. So how should you go about doing this, so that you will not end-up with a sugary cardboard?

Follow these easy steps to preserving the cake, so that you can enjoy it on your first anniversary.

Preserving the Wedding Cake

1. Arrange for someone to bring it home.
You can ask your mother, a bridesmaid, or another trusted friend to do this for you. If you plan to immediately leave for your honeymoon, let this person prep your cake for long-term storage.

2. Stick the cake in the fridge uncovered overnight.
This will help the cake's frosting to harden and set, so that it will not stick to the wrappings, thus preserving the appearance.

3. Start wrapping.
The next day, you want to swath the cake in several layers of plastic wrap and a top layer of aluminum foil, making sure each layer is a as close to the cake as possible. Protecting the cake from the frigid air that causes the much dreaded freezer burn is a must!

4. Box it up.
Ask your baker to provide you with a cake box that can transport the top tier home, then your job now is to protect it from the other contents in your freezer.

5. Be gentle when it's time to defrost.
Do not place the cake on the counter - that's a recipe for drippy condensation all over the cake and frosting. Instead, reverse the process by, place the frozen cake into the refrigerator overnight so that it can thaw out before you unwrap it. The next day, you can then put it out for a half hour or so to bring it back to room temperature before cutting a piece.

Preserving your wedding cake is that easy. You may want to print this information to keep it handy so that when your first wedding anniversary comes, you'll know exactly what to do!

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