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Beautiful Wedding Ideas Are you looking for beautiful wedding ideas that will inspire and give you creative solutions for your ceremony and reception? Perhaps, you might be a little nervous and unsure about the appropriate etiquette and timing procedures to follow when setting up your special day? Many brides face this overwhelming experience when planning their wedding, especially when they do not have a specific theme or wedding idea in mind.

This website is designed to help brides and their intended grooms find suitable wedding ideas, concepts and themes, while encouraging the two of you to breath and relax, so that you can organize and edit your thoughts so that you can create the wedding of you dreams. It isn't necessary to be extravagant and spend a small fortune to have a meaningful and beautiful wedding, it's about making the day special and ensuring that everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable, including YOU. This is the best rule of thumb for creating a successful wedding plan that should always be kept in mind. The amount of money spent does not determine style. Don't limit yourself when dreaming big, you can always cut costs strategically by implementing budget saving ideas that will not sacrifice the look and feel of your celebration, while making your wedding affordable.

All brides should give some serious thought and really focus on who they and their future grooms are, what you're about, and how that translates to the visual aspects of your celebration and the guest experience. This information is invaluable to finding the perfect wedding theme and ideas for you.

Whether you choose to have an intimate affair for a small group of your nearest and dearest, or a major blowout for hundreds gathered from around the the globe - it's the little things that will be remembered for years to come. Although seeing the big picture is the first step to planning your wedding, it's important to consider even the smallest detail, from the color scheme chosen, to the wording on the invitations, the wedding decorations, your bridal gown, the bridal accessories, the wedding favors, the ceremony, the vows exchanged, the reception, to the music and the after party, this will all create a loving and memorable experience of a lifetime! Great style comes from ruthless editing. Every detail should serve and enhance the bigger picture, it is with these strategies deeply set within your mind, that will cause beautiful wedding ideas to unfold right before your very eyes!

A wedding is a milestone and glorious time for both the bride and groom. I am honored to assist you with providing guidance with your wedding planning needs. I personally congratulate you and your groom, and I hope this website will be a tool that allows you to use my energy and imagination to help you create your own path down the aisle. Be inspired, have fun and enjoy the journey to your wedding bliss!

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Planning a Wedding That's All About You and Him
Planning a wedding is a about putting your love story in action and you could make the day even better with these suggested tips and how-to ideas.
Selecting Your Wedding Flowers
Choosing the wedding flowers for the ceremony and reception isn't always easy. Here are some great tips to be mindful about as you make your selections.
The Wedding Ceremony
Knowing what kind of wedding ceremony to have can be difficult for couples; here are some suggestions on finding the ideal ceremony for you and him.
Planning The Best Wedding Reception
The wedding reception is a major party to plan, but you can do it successfully by learning how to design a celebration that is unique and that reflects you and your fiance's personal sense of style.
The Best Kept Wedding Cake Secrets
Don't settle for a cookie cutter wedding cake! Instead, design your own unique confection with the trade secrets that professional wedding planners use.
Creating Wedding Invitations With A Personal Touch
Designing your wedding invitations gives guests a glimpse of the celebration to come, whether you print your own at home or have them professionally done, this information is a must read for brides!
The Bridal Beauty Plan
Every bride's heart felt desire is to look fabulous on her wedding day, let the bridal beauty plan show you how easy it is for you to achieve your wish!
Popular Wedding Hairstyles That Flatter Your Face
There are a lot of hairstyles to consider, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Learn the secret to finding wedding hairstyles that look great and that will enhance your beauty!
Wedding Dresses - How to Buy a Great Bridal Gown
Knowing the do's and don't about wedding dresses before your appointment, can make it easier to find a gown and simplify the process, here's how to do it.
Wedding Registry Tips for Creating Your Bridal Gift Registry
Signing up for a wedding registry is a fun a great way to ensure you receive wedding gifts you both need for your new home and the ideal method for receiving perfect gifts on your wedding day!
Wedding Photography - Digital vs. Film
Undecided about going for digital or using film for your wedding photography? Learn the strengths and weaknesses of both methods and discover which one is right for you.
Planning The Honeymoon Trip
Planning a fun and budget friendly honeymoon trip is a breeze with these easy tips, time-line and getting started information. Bon Voyage!
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Preserving The Cake Until Your First Wedding Anniversary
Preserving the cake until the first wedding anniversary is a tradition. These 5 simple steps will ensure that the top tier will taste just as good as the piece you had on your wedding day!
A Spa Bridal Shower Theme on a Budget
Give a spa bridal shower theme experience that will give rest and relaxation with a host of wonderful memories to cherish! It's sure to be a lot of fun and well within your budget.
Wedding Vows and Ideas
You can write the perfect wedding vows for the kind of marriage and promises you want to make, learn about 5 simple tips that will have you writing your wedding vows in no time!
Bridal Shower Party
Planning a bachelorette or bridal shower party that you and everyone will enjoy is simple, these how to tips will make planning the event fun and easy to do.
Choosing The Best Wedding Location For Your Ceremony
The wedding location is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, learn how easy it really is to find the location that is right for you.
A Lingerie Bridal Shower that the Bride is Sure to Love
Create a lingerie bridal shower that is filled with love, symbols of romance and with an exciting appearance by her fiance! This is a party where dreams of love truly become a living reality.
Elegant Winter Wedding Ideas - Winter Wedding Planning
Take the chill out of winter with these beautiful winter wedding ideas, that are elegant, effortless and easy to do. Suggestions on invitations, decorations, menu, vegetarians, favors and more.
Design The Best Wedding Boutonniere For The Groom
Create a wedding boutonniere that your groom will enjoy wearing for wedding, with these 5 helpful tips and avoid making the biggest mistake most brides make!
Registering Fine China and Choosing The Best Set
Every bride is interested in registering fine china, these tips will help you choose and select the best set for your wedding registry.
Wedding Cake Advice - Tips On Personalization, Delivery and Serving Suggestions
Learn nine strategies to creating a unique confection, including how to display and serve it. Discover a hidden wedding cake advice that can save you money without sacrificing the beauty of the cake!
Nine Best Wedding Flower Budget Tips That Will Save You a Lot of Money
Effective wedding flower budget ideas that will save you a lot of money and give you the beautiful ceremony and reception flower arrangements that you deserve!
Selecting The Wedding Date and Ideas On How To Make It Special
Choosing the perfect wedding date can be difficult to do. In this article, I will share with you important facts and ideas that will help you to select the date and begin the wedding planning process.
Beautiful Wedding Day Makeup Guide - DIY
Your wedding day makeup should enhance your beauty, look elegant and be easy to do. This guide will give you ideas on how to look great on your wedding day!
Choose Wisely The Wedding Officiant For Your Ceremony
The wedding officiant needs to be chosen carefully as this person will set the tone of your entire wedding. Learn about the different types of officiants and select the one that is best for you.
Wedding Flower Arrangements and Finding The Best Florist for the Job
Discover 7 easy steps to finding the perfect florist to create your wedding flower arrangements. Take action now to ensure you have beautiful results for your ceremony and reception flowers!
Linen Bridal Shower Tutorial
A linen bridal shower is a fun and casual event that provides the bride with great gifts for her new home. It's a unique party that is easy to do, includes ideas for gifts, favors, the menu and more!
Planning a Beach Wedding
From sandy beaches to crashing waves, there's nothing more romantic for a wedding day! Affordable and easy to do, a beach wedding is a couple's dream come true.
Choosing A Wedding Dress Style
Learn the trade secrets of identifying the wedding dress style that will look wonderful on you, whether you're petite or plus size, you can look gorgeous in your wedding dress!
Registering For Barware - Tutorial On Barware & Accessories
Registering for barware is easy. In this short tutorial, you'll discover a variety of glasses, what they're used for and you'll be able to decide on which glass will meet your entertainment needs best
Order Wedding Invitations in 5 Easy Steps
Smart advice on when to order, how to order wedding invitations and tips for assembling wedding invitations in the right order before mailing them to family and friends.
Great Wedding Flower Ideas and Corresponding Meanings
A unique list of 22 wedding flower ideas that you will want to include in your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony and reception floral arrangements.
A Skincare Routine That Will Deliver Results
Adopt a sensible bridal skincare routine that will give you the beautiful glowing skin you want to have on your wedding day. These are easy tips that you will gladly use even after you've said "I Do"
Registering for Stemware - Wedding Registry Tips
A basic guide to understanding glassware prior to registering for stemware. These 5 comprehensive tips is a must know that will help you select the best wineware for entertaining friends and family.
How To Select Wedding Centerpieces That Will Amaze Your Guests
Finding great wedding centerpieces and ideas for your reception tables that are unique, beautiful and that your guests will love!
Bridal Hair Accessories and Ideas
If you want look your best on your wedding, focus on the details of everything including your bridal hair accessories, these finishing touches do make a difference!
Registering Everyday Dinnerware in Your Bridal Gift Registry
Registering everyday dinnerware is essential and there are several varieties in today's market, learn about them and choose the best set to include in your wedding registry!
Important Travel Considerations for Your Honeymoon Trip
When planning a honeymoon trip, there are travel considerations that don't necessarily come to mind. These include passports, visas, vaccinations etc, this is information that you need to know.
Save-the-Date Wedding Cards, Ideas and Affordable Do-It-Yourself Project
Save-the-date wedding cards are informal invitations that alert friends and family of the special event to come. You can have a stationer make them or you can DIY easily and save money!
Bridal Accessories
Bridal accessories are important finishing touches for the bride and her bridesmaids, these easy how to tips will help you choose the right shoes, jewelry and more.
Wedding Bible Scriptures - Ideas For Ceremony Readings
Reading wedding Bible scriptures during the ceremony is a great way for Christians to ask for God's blessing on their marriage, here is a list of suitable readings for the occasion.
Registering Kitchen Electronics - Accessories
Adding fun and functional items to your registry can be confusing to do, this article on registering kitchen electronics will help you to include practical kitchen accessories that make life easier.
Honeymoon Ideas and The Best Getaways -Top 10 Destinations
There are many exciting honeymoon ideas and vacation possiblities for you to consider, read about the top ten honeymoon trips that most brides and grooms go for and find the one that is best for you!
Hiring a Wedding Planner - Do You Really Need One
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when sticky situations exist in the family; a wedding planner can assist you with those issues including the plans for the ceremony and reception.
Wedding-Day Manicure & Do-It-Yourself Hand Care Routine
Going to the salon every week is an expense that every bride can avoid. These budget saving tips and techniques will give you beautiful hands and will show you how to do your own wedding-day manicure
The Wedding Workout Plan - Eight Steps for Getting in Shape
Do you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day? Learn how easy it is to start with a healthy diet and a sensible wedding workout plan that will have you looking great and take his breath away!
Wedding Invitation Wording - How To Phrase Your Invites For Any Situation
Having trouble finding the right wedding invitation wording for your invites? Find the best phrases for all situations; traditional. deceased parent, bride and groom, unique and more.
Reception Sites - Questions To Ask Before You Book
Learn about eight possible reception sites and the necessary information you need to know about each before booking - halls, private clubs, hotels, restaurants, churches, temples, home or garden.
Registering For Linens - Wedding Registry Tips
Gift ideas you don't want to miss, that will beautify your bedroom and bathroom, an in depth look at what to include when you're registering for linens.
Cutting Your Wedding Guest List - How to Create a Small List
Trying to create a small wedding guest list is often times difficult; here are a few practical suggestions on how to compose a realistic guest list that is right for you.
Hiring a Wedding Caterer
If you found a reception venue that doesn't offer an on-site wedding caterer, you can hire your own. Here are some tips on how to hire and find a caterer.
The Best Honeymoon Cruise Getaway
Wondering if an off-shore honeymoon trip, is right for you? A honeymoon cruise is great for newlyweds, it offers a variety of activities and convenience that you're sure to enjoy.
Wedding Thank You Notes and Cards
Easy tips that make your wedding thank you notes charming and a little less taxing on you, while expressing your sincerer gratitude for the gifts you've received.
Wedding Favor Gifts
Choosing wedding favor gifts that guests will like is simple, if you know what pit-falls to avoid. Here are some ideas to ensure that they enjoy yours!
DIY Blank Wedding Invitations and Money Saving Ideas
Saving money with blank wedding invitations is easy, this simple project will guide you on how to make your own invites using blank cards and a printer.
Wedding Gift Basket - How To Make Welcome Baskets
Are you having a destination wedding or a local celebration? Why not greet out-of-town friends and family with a thoughtful wedding gift basket? They will love the surprise and it's easy to make!
Romantic Wedding Honeymoon Night Ideas and Advice
Discover the best and most romantic tips for a honeymoon night that's unforgettable and that will make it a loving experience for the two of you, on your first night together as husband and wife.
Alternative Unique Wedding Cakes - Designs and Ideas
Are you planning a less traditional wedding and searching for cake ideas? Unique wedding cakes are all about the couple, here are some tips on finding the best cake designs for you!
Finding Cheap Wedding Dresses - Discount Bridal Gowns
These ten best strategies will help you find cheap wedding dresses on a budget without having to pay retail, you'll save money without sacrificing style!
Easy DIY Candle Wedding Favors - Party Favor Gift Idea
Looking for the best way to save money on favours? Candle wedding favors are very popular and are an easy to do wedding craft. Your guests will enjoy a handmade gift, while you stick to your budget!
Unique Wedding Entertainment
The wedding entertainment can be the traditional DJ, but why not go for something different instead? You'll have a great time with these fun ideas!
Cheap Wedding Flowers That Will Save You Money
Weddings are expensive and can create a huge amount of debt if you aren't careful, here are some cool ideas for cheap wedding flowers that you can use for all of your arrangements and bouquets.
Fall Wedding Ideas - Autumn Wedding Planning
Autumn is a great time of year for weddings as you'll benefit from the off-season planning that can save you money, here are some of the best Fall wedding ideas to get you started.
Blue Wedding Flowers and Recommendations
Looking for something different? Blue wedding flowers are fun and unique, and can definitely add an element of pizzazz to your bouquets and arrangements.
Best Wedding Songs of All Times - Wedding Music
Whether you're hiring a band or a DJ, knowing popular wedding songs will go a long way in helping you to select wedding music for the ceremony and reception, here's a great list to get you started!
Mother of The Bride Dress Tips and Advice
The mother of the bride wants to look special without overshadowing anyone in the wedding party, here are some common sense tips that will help her buy the best mother of the bride dress.
The Wedding Planning Checklist
Staying organized with a wedding planning checklist is the best way to avoid overlooking important details for your ceremony and reception. Plan a great wedding with our FREE wedding to-do list.
Cheap Wedding Favors How To DIY
Whether your on a budget or realize that you're short on gift favors, cheap wedding favors are great for saving you money and are a perfect solution to last minute gift ideas that are simple to make!
Wedding Food Ideas and Money Saving Tips
Stressed at the expense of catering services? Knowing the secrets on how to use pricier wedding food ideas for the reception food can help you save money.
Cheap Wedding Invitations - How to Get Them
Finding cheap wedding invitations needn't be a daunting task if you know exactly what to look for; follow these simple techniques and you will find less expensive invites and save money too!
Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Non-Religious Nontraditional Weddings
There are many good locations for wedding ceremony ideas that can provide you with the desired spiritual atmosphere in a nontraditional setting, here are some cool locations and cheap options for you.
Outdoor Wedding Ideas - How to Plan an Event
If you love outdoor wedding ideas but you don't know how to plan one, then this is a must read for you! From permits, to required rentals, you'll know exactly what you need for your celebration!
3 Cool Coffee Wedding Favors You Can Make
Whether you're having a coffee theme bridal shower or wedding, your guests will enjoy receiving any of these 3 do-it-yourself coffee wedding favors; they're fun and easy to make!
Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and Money Saving Tips
Anyone can have beautiful centerpieces without going broke, from silk flowers to edible arrangements, these wedding centerpiece ideas will be a cool addition to your reception!
Ideas For Wedding Gifts - The Bride's Gift Guide
Searching for favor ideas that are unique or functional, or both? Here's a buyer's gift guide with cool ideas for wedding gifts that will delight everyone!
Bridesmaids Gifts - Wedding Party Gifts and Ideas
Giving bridesmaids gifts to the bridal party is necessary for thanking them in making your wedding day special; these ideas will have you giving presents that are enjoyable and memorable!
Piano Music - Classic & Contemporary Wedding Favorites
Are you dreaming about having a sophisticated ceremony with piano music that isn't boring, amateurish and that fits your budget? Here's a cool solution to your dilemma that will save you money!
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