Planning The Honeymoon Trip

If you're not sure on how to begin making the plans for your honeymoon getaway, you can definitely rest assured that I have you covered. I've composed an itinerary list for you to go over with your significant other, that is sure to steer you in the right direction of what needs to be done.

First of all, you need to plan ahead. I suggest you start booking your trip about six months before your wedding. This will give you plenty of time to research and find the perfect getaway destination for the two of you. To start, you'll need to figure out how much time you will have for your honeymoon. Count your vacation days and do not forget to subtract any time you'll be taking off to prepare for your wedding nuptials. This can weigh heavily on your plans, because if you only have a week off, you may want to stay closer to home to avoid loosing most of your time in traveling. I don't know about you, but if time is short, I would much rather spend all of the time I can and enjoy it with the one I love, than to be traveling a long distance.

Honeymoon Vacation

Next, determine your honeymoon personality. Some people enjoy adventure while others, including myself, enjoy relaxing. So what's your style? Think about what you really love and like to do on a vacation. Many newly weds enjoy a perfect stretch on the sand where they can laze the day away, while others need a bustling nightlife in conjunction with an adrenaline rush to keep them entertained. If you and your wife/husband-to-be can't seem to agree on a particular concept, you should then try to find a happy medium. As an example, a beach resort with a world-class golf course and a spa, may bring the two of you bliss. As in any other relationship, knowing how and when to compromise can keep your relationship strong, bring you closer to each other and bring you much happiness.

Now, factor in your budget. No one in the right mind wants to begin their married life with a host of debts. I advice the two of you to sit down and discuss how much you can comfortably spend and find a suitable destination within those parameters. I also suggest that you don't make the mistake of funding part of your vacation with the cash gifts that you're likely to receive on your wedding day, as it is possible that you could end up receiving far less than you anticipated. You might end up going to Florida instead of Italy, but you'll look back on your vacation just as fondly and without the worry of debts.

Honeymoon Getaway

Then it's time to research. You can pickup some travel guides from a travel agency, browse through magazines and the Web to determine which destination appeals to you the most. Now if after completing your research you still have questions and can't really decide on anything, go to your local travel agency where a knowledgeable agent can assist you in narrowing down your options.

This is the trip that all couples dream about, as these are the first few days you'll be spending together as husband and wife. No matter what the budget is, do the best you can and you will have a great time for sure! Happy traveling!

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