Votive Candle Wedding Favors

Looking for an easy to make wedding craft? Candle wedding favors are very popular and are normally sold in most bridal stores, but when you're faced with a lot of expenses, the need for finding cheaper alternatives now arises. This is one area where being crafty can help you to save a decent amount of money, while creating inexpensive candle wedding favors that your guests will truly enjoy receiving.

The items for this project can be easily purchased in most craft stores and online. Although, the focus is on votive candle favors, you can customize it for other types of candle too, such as tapers, tea candles, pillars and more.

Votive Candles for Wedding Favors Things You'll Need:

1. Scented votive candles
2. Tulle circles white or ivory
3. Thin ribbons
4. Thank you tags or heart charms
5. Silver glitter glue
6. Personalized votive candle holder


Step 1. Take your candle and lightly coat the surface with silver glitter glue, while still allowing the color of the candle to "peak" right through it. If you would like to make designs on the candle, you could try making interlocking hearts, loops, swags, and xoxo (typical hugs and kisses symbols).

Set the candle aside and allow it to dry completely. Silver is the color that is traditionally used for weddings, but if you prefer to use gold that is okay too, the main purpose is to dressup the candle.

Step 2. Now place the candle into the personalized glass votive candle holder.

Step 3. Take your homemade candle wedding favor and place it in the center of a tulle circle. Gather the edges of the tulle up above the candle and tie with two ribbons. You'll them slide a thank you charm over the ribbons and then tie a bow. Although you could do the same thing with only one ribbon, the beauty of combining two ribbons that match your intended color scheme is far superior in appearance than just using one alone!

Step 3. Fluff the tulle above the candle and fix the ribbons to look their very best to ensure that your finished candle wedding favors all look great. Congratulations, you're done!

This is a simple project that looks beautiful, is affordable and is very easy to make. You may be wondering what color to use for the votive candles, well my suggestion is, that you use a color from your wedding color scheme, for optimum results. When you have favours that are made with all of your wedding colors, it helps to bring the look of the event together, rather than having what may look to the eye as random splashes of color here and there, not mention, it looks prettier too.

If you'll be making candle wedding favors for the holidays and beyond, this is a great opportunity for you to really make use of fragrance: try using cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin for Fall weddings; pine needles, candy cane and gingerbread for Winter; lavender, honeysuckle and roses for Spring; ocean, coconut line verbena and vanilla for Summer weddings. Of course this is only a guide, feel free to experiment with what works well for you, but if you have allergies, then use unscented candles instead.

As you can see, making these candle wedding favors is a lot of fun and is as versatile a project as you'd like it to be. These items can easily be purchased from a craft store or a wedding supply store. Why spend a lot of money on you can easily make yourself? You can always ask your bridesmaids to help you assemble them, so that you can finish them in no time. I'm sure they'll be glad to help you out! But, if you're short on time and would prefer to buy Candle Party Favors you'll find affordable and unique designs through this link.

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