The Bridal Shower Party 

Planning the bridal shower party is a fun and entertaining experience. If you're going to use a theme, consider the personalities of the bride and groom as well as their individual gift needs.  If a bride is having more than one shower, or if the couple has already lived together for some time, a couple's shower or a shower with a more tailored gift-giving theme may be the best option to consider.  It is also important for you to keep in mind, what kind of shower you feel you can make the most successful based on your time, budget and or other limitations.

As you begin planning the bridal shower party, you'll definitely want to use these tips to ensure you get started on the right track:

1.  Give yourself sufficient time to plan and prepare for the shower, at least a month or two before the wedding and the shower date itself should be no more than a week or two before the wedding day.

2.  Encourage the bride-and groom-to-be to register for gifts before the shower to help your guests know what the couple needs. A simple way of doing this would be for them to sign-up at their favorite department store for a wedding registry. 

3.  As you prepare the guest list, ask the bride and groom whom they would like to attend.  Make sure your other guests know at least one other person so they feel comfortable during the party.

4.  Choose a date and a time that is most convenient for the bride and invited guests.  Weekends typically work best for everyone.

5.  When choosing a location, make sure it will accommodate the needs of the party.   Does it have enough space?  Can your guests easily commute to the designated location?  Does it match the theme of the event?

6.  To ensure lively conversation and comfort for your attendees, make sure to have plenty of seating and table space set up to accommodate your guests. 

7.  A great time saver, would be to prepare as much food ahead of time as possible.  The less you have to do and worry about on the actual day, the better!

8.  Help the bride with her thank-you cards by addressing the envelopes for her and by keeping a list of what each guest gives the bride.

Being the hostess gives you an exciting event to plan and it's a wonderful way to honor the bride and the groom.  As you make plans and preparations for this occasion, try to keep every ones' comfort and likes in mind, to insure the happiness of all who attend including your own.  Whether you go with a wedding shower theme or not, these hostess tips can help you plan a fun and successful party!

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