Choosing Your Bridal Accessories

Putting your best foot forward is important to a bride and bridal accessories, that compliment your gown rather than competing with it, is the goal that every bride should strive to keep in mind.  There is much to choose from when it come to veils, jewelry, shawls, shoes etc. but finding what will work best to complete your wedding look, can be overwhelming to say the least.  I have a few tips I'd like to share with you that will help you look great on your wedding day!   

Let your gown be your guide when buying your bridal accessories. In order to figure out what kind of accessories you need, try to get some clues from your wedding dress, for example, if the gown is encrusted with crystals, you'd be better off pairing it with diamonds or zirconia than with pearls. A very simple dress can take either sleek accessories that mirror its understated style or elaborate ones.  The key is to avoid being visually "noisy" or overdone - an elaborate tiara and a lacy billowy veil, with an embroidered dress is overkill.  Having too many competing details going on at the same time will overshadow the look.  I suggest you think in terms of what is the "highlight" of your ensemble, is it your wedding gown; have you been dreaming about wearing a tiara fit for a princess or is it something else?  Remember, your bridal accessories serve to add that special "finishing touch" to complete your look.

Try it on. Before heading out the door, remember to take your jewelry and accessories to a dress fitting to make sure you like how the whole ensemble looks together.  This will give you a clear picture if what you already have works with dress, or it might show you that you'll need to buy something else, for the sake of achieving the most beautiful look on your wedding day.  So try it on, you only have one opportunity to make a great impression!

Mix and matching.  Attempting to find the perfect matching shoes will land you into some very frustrating times, I think we've all been there at some point.  I know I have. Your best bet is to find similar finishes in fabric - you wouldn't want ultra-shiny satin shoes with a more matte-finished satin dress - or opt for a different type of fabric altogether, like a brocade wrap with a satin gown, so a hue clash won't be as noticeable.  Even better yet, if you are planning to wear a shawl or jacket, ask you salon consultant if they could order a few extra yards of fabric, when they place your dress order, this way you can have your wrap custom made to match the dress.  There's nothing quit like having a bridal accessory that is made of the same material as the dress, it will be very elegant and the perfect match indeed!

Make sure you're comfortable.  You've waited all your life for this day to happen and it's now here.  There's is nothing worse than wearing an ensemble that after an hour or two, you can't wait to get out of because you're just so uncomfortable!  You need to make sure that every piece fits well and is 100% comfortable on you.  Choose shoes in a height that you're used to wearing; if you love flats, then three-inch stilettos will make you very unhappy.  For those of you that love to dance the night away, you might like the idea of choosing a veil that is attached to your headpiece with Velcro or some other fastener, you can then remove the veil after the ceremony and party all night without being hindered.  Shop and plan wisely, and please, don't be one of those brides that gets photographed dancing barefoot, it doesn't look good in pictures and you don't want to be remembered that way either!  

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