DIY Blank Wedding Invitations

Are you searching for a way to save money on your invites? Blank wedding invitations are a phenomenal buy for the modern, creative and technology savvy bride.   They are the perfect alternative for the couple that wants to customize the message of their invitation as well as the design layout.

There are many blank wedding invitation designs, styles, shapes and colors to choose from, to suit any theme that you could possibly imagine!  You can also buy matching envelopes and response cards so that you have a complete stationary set.  This project is relatively easy to do, requiring very little skill on your part.

The items that you will need are:

1. blank invitations

2. envelopes

3. a compatible printer

4. optional: embellishments

5. enough time to complete and perfect the finished look of your cards.

However, there are some considerations for you to keep in mind before you purchase and select your blank invites, envelopes and response cards. The printer you use must be compatible with the cards and envelopes you've chosen.  Some printers excel on printing on specific types of surfaces. As an example, a laser jet printer will print well on thin paper and on glossy surfaces, while inkjet printers are better suited to rough surfaces instead. 

Make sure to ask your retailer about the quality of the paper in relationship to the compatibility of the printer, you'll be using to ensure good quality results. 

Once you've completed printing your invitations, you can leave it the way it is or you can embellish your cards and add more sophistication to them.  You could decorate them with satin bows, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, pearls etc. this will personalize your cards and really make it your own design.  As for the envelopes, you could close them with a decorative seal.  There are many seals to choose from and they are available in a variety of styles, colors and themes as well. 

As always, my suggestion is for you to match your stationary with your intended theme and chosen color scheme, for a streamlined, polished and professional appearance. 

Never before, has it been easier to save money and have beautiful invites than it is today.  Technology has really evolved and given us the power to create one of a kind invitations, so that we are not limited to what is presently available in stores.  I hope you give this do-it-yourself blank wedding invitations project a try and that you have fun along the way


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