How to Plan a Beach Wedding

Having a beach wedding is one of the most romantic and popular ways of saying "I do."  The surrounding beauty is breathtaking and unmatched by any indoor facility that I can possibly think of.  Everyone will have a great time and will remember this happy occasion for years to come.  A lot of people will also spend a few days at the beach before the wedding date, to enjoy the company of their friends and family before the grand celebration.  In this article, I am going to discuss how you can have a beautiful beach wedding and the best time of your life doing so!

Your beach wedding, can refer to either the wedding ceremony or both the wedding and reception on the beach.  Many brides choose to have the wedding ceremony on the beach and then host the reception at a resort, garden, hotel, club, restaurant, hall, yacht or winery.  Other couples, have their ceremony and reception on the beach and carry the beach theme throughout their invitations, food, favors and cake.

There are two kinds of beaches to consider when planning your wedding, public and private.  Although the costs of a public beach are considerably less, but most of them will require you to purchase a permit and they have strict noise, alcohol and open flame regulations that you will be bound to.  You would also have to ensure that the location can be completely reserved for you, as you wouldn't want to have people walking through the middle of your wedding because the beach is public.
On the other hand, on a private beach, you will not need a permit and their regulations tend to be more flexible when it comes to alcohol.  In addition, you will often have access to an indoor facility in case of inclement weather.  If you do select to have a wedding on a private beach, you should also consider your catering needs when selecting a location.

When selecting the time for the beach wedding, you need to factor in the ocean tides, temperatures and the time of day or night.  Summer weddings in Florida for example, need to be done in the late evening, for safety and comfort reasons.  At night, the temperature at the beach can be rather chilly, so you should provide blankets for your guests, if this will be an evening beach wedding.  Now if you're going to have a daytime wedding,  be sure to select hardy flowers for both your decorations and bouquets.  This is because many flowers do not hold up well in direct sunlight and the last thing you need are wilting flowers during the ceremony!  Some good flowers to use are calla lilly and orchids, but avoid the use of hydrangeas and tulips altogether.

For any outdoor wedding, it is essential to have a backup plan in case of rain.  One option would be to have an indoor location available, another plan is to move the start time of the wedding back a few hours if the rain is expected to pass.  Because of the inevitable crashing waves, you should also consider renting a speaker system and placing the speakers near the guest chairs to ensure that guests will hear the exchange of vows comfortably and clearly.

For couples that plan to have their wedding on an unreserved public beach, I suggest planning your ceremony for the late afternoon or evening hours to minimize beach-goers from crashing the wedding.  Most people are very respectful about weddings, but if you're still concerned, speak to a family member or to your wedding planner to quietly ask other people to respect the wedding.  Many beach weddings take place in remote locations, that are unfamiliar to everyone, so to prevent anyone from getting lost, be sure to supply them with a detailed map, clear directions to the destination and a cell phone of someone that can be reached in case they need more information.  The thing is you want to ensure that the day flows smoothly and easily as much as possible. 

Another important factor to consider when planning a wedding reception at a public beach are the restrooms.  While the beach typically provides these facilities, they aren't quality appropriate for guests.  You can rent clean and nice portable restrooms instead, it is recommended that you have one for every fifty guests. 

No wedding is ever complete without the food and drinks!  Find a location where the food and drinks can be prepared and brought to the beach.  You'll then to rent some chairs and tables, put some tablecloths, centerpieces and voila, your reception is now ready and complete!

This is a beautiful wedding idea that promises a lot of fun and relaxation for all. With a little careful planning, you'll definitely have the beach wedding of your dreams and the best time of your life! Have a great time at the beach!


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